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Dead rail = Battery power + radio control

On-board battery with radio control (aka Dead Rail) offers exceptional engine performance and simplifies layout design.

Enjoy flawless control of engines.  On-board battery provides uninterrupted power to DCC sound & motion decoders... no stalling, no glitching, no flickering.

Gain freedom from track wiring and associated track power problems:

-Eliminate poor performance from dirty wheels & track.  

-Build reverse loops, wyes or turntables that no longer require any complicated circuity.

On existing layouts, deadrail engines can run simultaneously with track powered DC or DCC equipment.

Authorized Dealer

We stock a full compliment of batteries, decoders, receivers, throttles & installation supplies. Competitive pricing on:

CVP Products / AirWire

Soundtraxx / Tsunami2

Train Control Systems / TCS-WOW

Tenergy Batteries & Chargers

Dead Rail Installs - Batteries

Professional Services

22 years experience with deadrail installations.

Custom installations for steam and diesel locomotives in 1/48 scale

(On3, O Scale, P48).  

Specializing in brass and/or die cast locomotives.  The typical installation often includes custom details, painting, decaling & weathering.

Please contact us to purchase components  or to request information about installations.

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